Trust administration

Trusts are frequently used tools that can create wonderful benefits and safeguards for their creators and beneficiaries. When they are properly administered, that is. If they are not properly administered, however, they can lead to conflict, court involvement, and lawsuits.

Our founder, Taylor Mohr, has a unique perspective in the administration of trusts because she acted as a Trust Administrator for large a corporate trustee after graduating from law school. This has given her insight into how best to handle everything from small trusts created for the benefit of a minor to large multi-generational trusts and everything in between.

Rather than worry about whether all of the requirements for proper trust administration are being met, let us guide you through by representing you in all aspects of trust administration, including:

  • Trust Analysis and Advising
  • Fiduciary Representation (including managing assets, making distributions, completing required accountings, decanting trusts, and properly closing out/terminating trusts)
  • Beneficiary Representation (including asset analysis, fiduciary compliance analysis, accounting review, and receipt and release of distributions and assets)
  • Trust Litigation