Experience Mohr Than A Law Firm.

Mohr Than A Law Firm.

Mohr Skill.

Our clients can expect the highest level of customer service, counsel, and advocacy. Whether in the courtroom, in settlement, or in drafting, we take pride in our work and provide our clients with only the best. 

Mohr Quality.

We accept nothing but the best from ourselves. We stay ahead of the competition by out strategizing, out-learning, and out-working them and constantly sharpening our techniques to reach the best possible out come. 

Mohr Innovation.

We utilize all the available forms of technology and cutting-edge legal techniques to provide our clients with a convenient, cost effective, and client centered experience. Our aim is to bring the practice of law into the modern era. 

Areas Of Practice

At Mohr Law Group, we strive to provide you and your family with complete, well-rounded representation. Unlike other boutique law firms that offer only one type of service, we can help protect your children and your legacy in many different ways as well as exceptional criminal defense services, like:

Taylor Mohr

Founding Partner

jennifer mazur

Business Development

Taylor Mohr

Founding Partner

Sarah Fox